Accurate Property Investment Accountants

Investing in property is one the best methods to create future wealth, financial freedom, and early retirement from the employment rat race. However, simply owning a rental house or business premises with paying tenants is not enough, as your investment also requires accounting protection against taxation.

Our property investment accountants are intimately familiar with the rulings of the Australian Taxation Office regarding tax on investment real estate.

Why an Accountant
for Property Investment?

You make money with an investment property in two ways: rental income and capital disposal. The ATO seeks to tax both these incomes and, like all things taxes, if the money is not allocated correctly and defined in your annual income statements, you will probably pay more taxes than necessary. Our accountants will help you with the taxes for your property investments in Sydney.

The primary tool for profitable property investments is the accurate documentation of depreciation. The comprehensive list of depreciable components must be compiled as soon as possible in the first tax year when the property is acquired.

These need to be meticulously kept up to date for the lifetime of the investment. The depreciation can be played off against the monthly rental income. The caveat is that capital gains tax due on disposal of the property might negate the benefits, which is why the services of a property tax accountant are crucial.

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    Your Property Tax Accounting

    We are property tax accountants dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of integrity and transparency in all their tax matters. We are up to date with the latest tax legislation and policy notes from ATO relating to residential and commercial properties in Sydney.

    We are a full-service chartered accounting firm, which allows us to integrate your property investments into your personal or business financial statements and the returns to the ATO. Trover clients gain the best benefits because of our smart accounting.

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